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Planning Strategies
Financial Planning Strategies

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Lifetime Planning Strategies

Planning Strategies

In general, higher risk (e.g. volatility of return) is associated with higher return.  Given this relationship between risk and return, a fundamental step in determining the investment policy for the Portfolio is the determination of an appropriate risk tolerance. 

Learn more about risk profiles and risk tolerance,  click here.

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Planning aspects of divorce
A divorce may spell change for your lifestyle, your hopes and dreams, your children’s lives, and much more.  Yet, with some preparation and planning, you can protect your financial interest and take charge of your future well-being.  Planning is important and you should consider the following in connection with a divorce: 
  1. Evaluate your post-divorce cash flow and establish a sustainable spending plan
  2. Review your investment portfolio
  3. Update your insurance coverage as necessary
  4. Re-evaluate your retirement planning
  5. Review your estate plan
  6. Consider pre-nuptial planning if re-marriage is in your future. 

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